Attention: Nutritionists, Dietitians, and Health and Wellness Coaches Who Want to Know How to Market Their Nutrition Business Online

"With These Simple And Easy-To-Use Principles, You Can Take Your Nutrition Business Online And Get More Clients!"

From: Kari St. Louis
Subject: How To Start An Online Nutrition Business

Nutritionist Online Business Guide

Dear Nutritionists, Dietitians, and Health and Wellness Coaches

Do you want to expand your nutrition business, and or wellness business and get more clients?

Of course you do! Thats why I created the Nutritionist Online Business Guide.

If you’re like most nutrition professionals you have knocked yourself out trying to build a network of referrals in your community.  You’re doing everything right and things are slowly growing – but you would really like more clients sooner! This guide will show you how to grow your nutrition business online.


Getting more new clients doesn’t have to be such a challenge. Do you realize that you may have a whole line up of ‘perfect for you’ clients just waiting for you – outside of your area?

It’s true!

Take Your Nutrition Business Online. People Are Always Searching the Internet For the Latest Nutrition Information

Is There Really A Place For Your Nutrition Business Online?

Your expertise as a Nutritionist is in high demand in today’s world. You know it and I know it.  I see the hard numbers showing how many internet users seek out nutrition information and personal guidance everyday.

Nutritionist Online Business Guide


Health Conscious People Are Searching For:

  • General nutritional guidance.
  • Help in controlling food allergies.
  • Weight loss strategies.
  • Help in understanding how diet effects their mental well being.
  • Designing a diet that helps them manage their child’s behavior problems.
  • Help in breaking an addiction to sugar and carbs.

And so much more…


Ok, I know what you’re thinking:

“I Don’t Know The First Thing About  Online Marketing!”

After all, you went to school to learn about nutrition not marketing on the internet, right?

Don’t worry about all that.  Taking your business to the internet isn’t nearly as complicated as it might seem.  Take it from me!

I’ve built successful online businesses marketing my skills and expertise to people all over the country and world and there was a time when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.  If I can do it, you can do it!

As I have developed my own online businesses, I have discovered the secrets to online success. I am uniquely equipped to teach you the same.

In order To Have A Successful Nutrition Business You Must Be Willing To Learn From Those That Have Been There!

When I say that there was a time when I was clueless, I mean it.

Guess what?  Everyone starts out that way.

The key to getting started and moving straight ahead towards online business success is finding someone to show you the ropes.  Learn from those that have been there and follow their tips for success.

This means shaving months, YEARS off of your learning curve.


Would I Really Be Suited For An Online Business?

  • Does the idea of working at home appeal to you?
  • Do you need extra cash for overhead expenses?
  • Are you tired of struggling to sell yourself offline in a saturated market?
  • Are you tired of paying high office rent?
  • Do you enjoy coaching via email?
  • Are you comfortable working with clients via the telephone?
  • You know how to keep your clients coming back to you over and over again – you just need a new way to create that relationship.

An Online Presence For Your Nutrition Business Will Open Doors

Nutritionist Online Business Guide

  • You’ll make important business contacts and build a larger referral network.
  • You’ll discover ways to build your business and income without having to service hundreds of clients individually.
  • You’ll find opportunities to travel and speak.

Whatever your reason for wanting to take your nutrition business online, learning from another successful health entrepreneur Internet Marketer can be your ticket to success.

That is why I’ve created the Nutritionist Online Business Guide.


I’ve taken my understanding of internet marketing principles and broken them down into bite size chunks, incorporating specific advice and steps crafted for the Nutritionist who is ready to take their nutrition business online and profit from it


Download your guide right now and get 4 FREE bonuses. Click here to order.

Let Me Show You What You Need To Get Started

  • How to market yourself online.
  • How to successfully identify your online target market.
  • Discover the power behind newsletters.
  • How to tap into podcasting to sell your services or product and more!

I asked a long established Web Designer to share some great advice with you.  She has provided us with tips about:

  • Attention getting Logo Design
  • What important information to include on your website to win client’s trust
  • What you need to know about design software.
  • What you need to understand about hosting.

I have provided a simple tutorial on making your site search engine friendly:

  • Explains what keywords are and how to do keyword research.
  • Shows you how to do simple search engine optimization on your site.
  • Provides easy ideas to boost your search engine rankings.

I’ve Included Bonuses:

Nutritionist Online Business Guide


I interviewed a well established Nutritionist about her online business:

  • How she got started.
  • What tools she is using.
  • What advice she has for up and coming Nutrition professionals.

BONUS #2 & #3

I also interviewed support professionals who provide tools that make your job as an online based Nutritionist easier.

These two bonus audios will give you a great overview of the kind of support and technology you have available to you in an online business.

Having a online nutrition business doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need to know how to market your nutrition business properly and the simplest way possible.


Bonus Podcasting Report for Nutrition & Health Pros!

Podcasting is so hot right now and it’s a perfect fit for your business – so I’ve included a Bonus Special Report that will spark your interest and give you lots of ideas on how you can incorporate podcasting into your new online business plan!

Want to cut straight to the chase and get access to your Online Nutritionists Business Guide right now?

Yes! Kari, I am ready to purchase

The Online Business Guide for Nutritionists

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Online Business Guide for Nutritionists

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You can instantly have access to “The Online Business Guide for Nutritionists” plus a Special Introductory Audio from me and a fellow marketer.


You also get these additional bonuses:

  • Bonus Audio: How One Nutritionists Got Started Online
  • Bonus Audios: Online Nutrition Programs To Help Set Up Your Clients Programs
  • Bonus Podcasting Report for Nutrition & Health Pros!


I know that you’re going to love this product.  I am so excited about helping you take your Nutrition Business to the next level on the web!

Don’t wait another minute…

Kari St. Louis

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